The spanish girl at katarraktis!

My life in Katarraktis...Η μικρή Ισπανίδα που πέρασε από την Χίο και τον Καταρράκτη, εργάστηκε στην Ινδία, γύρισε στην Ισπανία, άνοιξε την καρδιά της και μας είπε τις εμπειρίες της !!

When I first started my adventure in Chios Island I was 23 years old, it was the year 2014 and my first home there was located in Vrontados, a village near to Chios City. I ended up in Chios Island with an European Voluntary Service program of one year, but my experience was good so I decided to stay another 10 months so when I left Chios past December I was 25.

  I was born in a little city in the South of Spain called Alcalá la Real (Jaén, Andalucía), I lived there until I turned 18 and I moved away for starting my university in Madrid. Before going to Greece I was studying for five years in Spain and Italy my degree with a major in Advertisement and Public Relations and after I finished it and I worked for some months in the communication business for me it was necessary to go somewhere for doing a social program that will give me practical experience and more life skills.

After more or less one year and a half living in Vrontados I moved to Katarraktis to continue helping the rest of the European Volunteers there and keep improving the project that some of my colleagues started around May 2015. It was the month of August and I immediately fell in love with this little village.

It is a small town but it has amazing surroundings, the sea is beautiful