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Chios - mystical, like the Sphinx, the centuries-old emblem of the island - is worth discovering and enjoying.

Welcome dear Visitor, to an island steeped in 3000 years of history. Here, where Homer at Daskalopetra (Homer's Stone) was inspired as he gazed across the blue expanse of the sea to the opposite coast of Ionia. Here, where Delacroix gave colour and form to the meaning of "heroism".
Upon your arrival you will be spellbound by the perfume of masticha (the resin whose cultivation is unique in Chios), lemon blossom and jasmine.
You will be carried away by the noble mansions of Kambos, the archaeological monuments, the caves and the imposing Genoese castles.

Byzantine monuments await you everywhere. Nea Moni, Panaghia Krina and AghiiApostoli, as well as numerous churches and monasteries, where you will admire the ecumenical glory of Man's creations inspired by his faith and artistic wisdom.
The medieval fortress settlements await you and so does Anavatos which will fill you with romantic nostalgia for bygone days.
Your return to the present is assured by a day on the beach, sunbathing at Mavra Volia or another sandy or pebbled beach where you will be delighted by the crystal-clear waters. If your desire is for something more cosmopolitan, then let the cheerful, peace-loving and hospitable Chiots show you the way.

    in Winter

The climate of Chios remains mild during winter. The nature is friendly and quiet and the winter fruits are in great demand; the famous Chian tangerines with the unique aroma, the oranges, the bitter oranges, the citrons...


The famous medieval fortress settlement and the traditional villages of the North offer the visitors a different perspective for winter vacations. Accommodated in restored small houses, they can feel the Chian hospitality and live the daily "routine" of the village they choose to stay in.

 Wandering in the town of Chios can also become an experience during winter since the town's architecture, its neo-classical buildings and its mansions catch the eye.


Spread all over the island, the Byzantine churches and monasteries, the parish churches and chapels create the religious atmosphere for Christmas celebrations. In the villages, as well as in the town of Chios, Chora, the melody of the carols performed with the traditional instruments called "tramboukes", the children that pass by the neighbourhoods holding their handmade little boats and the delicious sweets and plates of those days complete the Christmas picture. 


The market of Chios -also known for its quality- is dressed for Christmas and the whole atmosphere becomes appealing and joyful.



This is one of the biggest and most remarkable libraries all over Greece. It is the perfect place for study and scientific research during winter. Apart from that, the visitor can also go and wander to its treasures.


 In Chios the visitors have the chance to enjoy the mountains, especially during winter. They can go climbing, trekking, or even just watch and explore the mountainous nature of the island. This is another aspect of Chios in winter.

 in spring     

"Myrovolos" (fragrant, sweet smelling) could be a second name of the island. Orchards' blossoms, roses, rushes, thyme and hundreds little miracles of the local flora compose a divine melody of fragrances.

 The unique Kambos, known for its numerous mansions with their orchards and its narrow little streets that form a labyrinth which surrounds the estates, is the ideal destination for spring walks.


The religious and devoutly atmosphere prevails in every single of the innumerable churches, the Byzantine monasteries and the small chapels of the island. The celebrations are at their peak on the Resurrection Day. 


The prevailing custom of roukeropolemos (fireworks war) in Vrontados offers the visitor a spectacular view. This is one of the best vacation periods in Chios, where the visitor finds out what hospitality really means.


 During spring, the Chian nature's majesty emerges through the bright colours, the heady aromas and the strong tastes. From the wild tulips and flowers of March to the innumerable flowers and blossoms of May,

 the Chian earth generously offers the visitors its ineffable beauty and intrigues them to explore and enjoy it.


The women of Chios make excellent "sweets of the spoon" (fruit preserves) with the great variety of fragrant fruits and blossoms produced in! the orchards and the fields.

 The local doughnuts (loukoumades), the macaroons (amygdalota), the fragrant mastic sweet (hypovryhio), the dried figs, the pasteli (made with sesame, nuts and honey) and the refreshing soumada (a refreshment made from almonds) and vissinada (sour cherries juice) respectively constitute a distinctive gastronomic experience and leave the visitor with nostalgic and pleasant memories.


Traditional customs, people in disguise (koudounati), jokes, feasts with friends as well as all kinds of entertainment compose the Chios' night life during the carnival period. What a better suggestion than visiting the medieval villages of the South and enjoying the old custom of Aga or visiting Thymiana and enjoying its famous mostra (carnival)! 


The whole island is a feast where traditional food and plenty of local wine are offered to the visitors.

    in summer

The sun is great and the sea clear like crystal. Fascinating beaches everywhere. From North to South and from the cosmopolitan eastern beaches to the almost unspoiled coasts of the West with the crystal waters, the visitors can enjoy all types of beaches; either with sand, or with white pebbles. Or, they can visit the famous Mavra Volia (black pebbles) of Emporios. What a joyful summer!


Fresh fish, sea-food, local meze and the smooth Chian Ouzo. The visitor can find picturesque taverns and places to enjoy a special meal with good company everywhere, either by the coast or in the mountainous places of the island.

 The famous traditional Chian cuisine reflects the gentility and the creative imagination of the Chiots and fascinates the visitor.


This unique natural product, a gift of nature and God, is considered to be a synonym of Chios. Its cultivation and collection procedures remain unspoiled through the centuries.

 The mastic tree thrives in the mastic villages of South Chios and nowhere else in the whole world!


The Archaeological and the Byzantine Museums, the loustiniani Museum and lots of folklore museums, theme museums and Collections exhibit items of inestimable value that reflect the long, creative and continual past of the island. The Chios' Maritime Museum as well as the one of the neighbouring Inousses,

 introduce the visitor to the long and glorious maritime tradition of the two islands, while archaeological excavations in Psara have brought to light items of great archaeological value.


The traditional summer feasts constitute the "salt" of summer for every village. The morning service in the village church, 

or in the chapels nearby, is followed by a traditional lunch for the public and then, at night, the Aegean feast goes on at least till the sun goes up!

   in Autumn

There is a different aspect
of the island in autumn.
Summertime still goes on but there is also
a chance for new experiences.   
The sea is still warm and the days still bright.
The tables at Prokymea are still outside
the coffee shops for an afternoon coffee
or an evening drink.


Many significant cultural, scientific and artistic events take place every day, all year round. The Homerion Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Chios, one of the most modern conference centres in Greece,

is the cultural cradle of Chios where many conferences of international interest take place.

The conference room of the Prefecture's Council and other modern rooms 

of the island as well as the Exhibition and Conference Centre "G. Kaloutas" form the high level infrastructure which is necessary for the organisation of distinguished events.


 The famous non-irrigated tomatoes (domatakia) and the aromatic plants are collected for the winter while the peddlers' baskets in the market are full of tsikouda,

 those strange fruits with the peculiar taste.
The famous local Ariousian wine starts to mature and the traditional distilleries produce the fragrant souma, the chian raki.


The unique variety of the Chian flora in the mountains and the plains, the birds' populations in the gullies and the waterfronts, the remarkable caves of the North and the South make 


Chios a destination where it is worth living
 even for a few days.

 Chios'Airport, tel: (+30) 2271023998

 Chios' Port Authority, tel: (+30) 2271044433

Tourist Office of the Municipality of Chios,
tel: (+30) 2271044389

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