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Medical student from Germany helps refugees in Chios

Πριν λίγες μέρες γνώρισα μια κοπέλα η οποία είναι εθελόντρια στην Χίο και από τα λίγα που είπαμε μου κέντρισε το ενδιαφέρον. Έτσι την ρώτησα εάν ήθελε να μου πει μερικά πράγματα, και ειδικότερα πως μια φοιτήτρια της Ιατρικής από την Γερμανία κατέληξε να είναι εθελόντρια στην Χίο!!

Πρώτα σας δίνω τις ερωτήσεις που της έκανα και μετά τις 6 απαντήσεις που μου έστειλε η μικρή Lea!!

Thank you for accepting our invitation to talk to Katarraktisvillage.Blog So lets start with few things about you.

How difficult is to combine Medical studies in Germany and volunteer work in Chios?

Are you a member of an Activist team or you have decided to come in Chios individually?

Why Chios?

What you knew about Chios and what is the feedback you had about the refugee’s crisis in Chios?

Since your arrival what were the difficulties you faced (if any), how the locals and the other volunteers helped you to adjust your needs and your tasks, and what is your impression comparing it with what you knew before to come?

Tell me how is your daily life here in Chios with the refuges and what is your opinion about the next day.

What your friends and family back home are thinking about your activities and how they are treating you?

Combining studying medicine and working on the field, like in the rescue on Chios, is not possible, since both require physical and mental presence. I took a break of one semester to be able to volunteer on the Balkan route, including Chios.
I am not a member of any group that supports political or ideological values. I came to volunteer by myself first in Serbia, but soon was surrounded by many big hearted humans, that gave me company and motivation to keep going. The reason why I started volunteering is, because I could no longer watch what is happening to our fellow brothers and sisters, fleeing from war and persecution and facing life and health risks, not to mention the lack of freedom. This is my contribution to society, even though I can't change the world, I believe it's small things that can sum up to make a change.

I came to Chios in early December, after having volunteered and lived in Idomeni, Greece for three weeks, when the camps were being cleared by military. I came to Chios because according to my friend there was a need of helping hands to support the local groups and the existing systems.

After 7 weeks on Chios, I have come to know and love so many things and it feels like home. Most important: I want to say thank you! Thank you to the local groups and individuals, whatever occupation or role they have on the island and in the refugee crisis for their amazing work and big heart.
Compared to lesbos, Chios has not gained such big media presence and international aid, which out more pressure on the locals. Especially the rescues from the shores have only been without as many 

incidents and fatalities because of a handful of locals that give and gave everything every day.

I have had a lot of experience from the months before about camps, about manage ante and how to deal with NGOs and authorities. But no experience with rescues, so I offered my help to everyone, asking experienced volunteers and rescuers for advice, watching them do what they do, discuss 

procedures and possible improvements. But what I learned most, is that with a common goal, which is to help those in need, different people can achieve almost everything. I learned a lot about practical skills, my strengths and weaknesses, working outside of my comfort zone, working over my physical and mental limits and its dangers, and to see where everyone else's limits are. I have made many mistakes and learned from them.

My usual day on Chios never was usual. I would take one 4hr shift patrolling the shores, offer medical assistance, often joining the smh lifeguards in their ambulance if they didn't have medical staff at the time. I was trying to make some long term changes throughout the island. This involved different places and different groups, from organizing sufficient medical staff and supplies, to receiving and organizing shipments, dealing with bus organization, volunteer coordination, fundraising for specific projects such as a boat for the lifeguards.


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  1. Congratulations to Lea for her voluntary work!! These people gice us a BIG lesson about life!
    Well done to Kataraktis Village for this nice interview!!!



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